Lipolysis treatment explained

Lipolysis is a process in which extra fat around abdomen, hips and waistline is broken down through a special procedure.  In lipolysis accumulation of extra fat is removed from the desired party of body and the process is non-surgical.

It is the desire of every human being to have a well shaped, slim and fit body. Countless weight loss programs and products are available that claim to produce results in record time, but in reality, most of them fail to deliver what they actually promise. Lipolysis can be used for weight reduction, because it is a well tested and proven system which is effectively helpful to lose weight and look in shape of your dreams.


is the best option to choose from for those who are struggling to reduce their body weight by doing exercises, dieting and workout but still seeing no improvement and keeping constant body weight and yet having extreme difficulty to loose excess fat from various parts of the body. So far, people with over weight problem have exceptional success levels with liposuction to shed extra fat rapidly. Laser lipolysis is even a better option for over weight people to achieve the best results.

Lipolysis procedure can also be adopted by people who are not too much over weight but want to attain perfect body shape and sculpture, it actually helps reducing fat on the fastest possible rate. If someone has gained extra body weight lately because of any irregularity, for instance, stress, excess eating, or partying on special occasions, lipolysis is the solution to reduce weight.


Lipolysis is ideal for body sculpting as it is proven to be extremely effective in shedding extra pounds. Body needs energy and fat is essentially a source of energy which is kept stored in adipocytes cells. Laser lipolysis eliminates stored fat in these cells thus helps in immediate fat loss. If compared with liposuction, lipolysis is performed under local anesthesia and no hospitalization is required, patient may or may not use any compression garments and can resume daily life activities from the next day of lipolysis. Generally speaking, the results are far better when compared to liposuction.

Fat accumulation is typically observed on arms, double chin,  stomach/abdomen, hips, love handles and thighs. Using laser lipolysis, sculpting can be facilitated easily for fat reduction. Lipolysis is a FDA approved and certified treatment. Many clinics offer lipolysis service in all over the world. If your are looking for lipolysis service, go online and search for a medical facility near you that fulfills your requirements.

Its always a good idea to consult a qualified person for a second opinion before going through the lipolysis procedure. Take your time and do a comprehensive research by asking your relatives, friends and loved ones. If possible, contacting those patients who have already gong through lipolysis will greatly help in understanding the process and getting best results to achieve through lipolysis treatment.


Injection Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is just not an innovative miraculous solution for the purpose of getting rid of body weight. Exactly what the treatment method does is actually to make it easy for the excessive fat in distinct, individual parts within the body to generally be pulled apart and after that utilized by the body’s metabolic processes.

In injection lipolysis, the active ingredient is actually injected  with the aid of quite thinner fine needles exclusively inside the section concerned, which causes the excessive fat cells to get demolished. The excessive fat that is released is therefore naturally and entirely discarded through body system. The overall body area on this part is actually measurably reduced. The injection lipolysis system introduced by this system at the same time, implies that, simply because of its flexibility, the pores and skin in the section involved  tightens all over again, as a result establishing a gentle and firm covering.

Injection lipolysis – Before the treatment

Should you utilize any sort of blood-thinning medicinal drugs, it’s always highly suggested to consult with your medical professional that has given to you by them, approximately the minimum  1 week avoidance period earlier than the operation.  It’s always appropriate to correctly plan the treatment plan of Injection Lipolysis, to make certain that it is not only just “of having a small amount of unwanted fat eliminated”.

Injection lipolysis – The treatment

The physician will utilize numerous subcutaneous injections of phosphatidylcholine precisely inside the challenge sections. Local anesthesia is simply not implemented at the time of this particular process. Application of injection lipolysis normally requires close to thirty minutes, it’s always preferred to remain seated an additional 30 minutes inside the medical clinic just where the operation was conducted. The individual can travel home following that, it’s always more suitable to set up somebody to come with you.

After the treatment

Quickly, subsequent to the injection lipolysis practical application, inflammation and substantial lump will show up in the section of the therapy. The area is additionally very painful and in quite a few occasions small to medium sized bruises might possibly show up. Following several days, the redness, soreness and bruises fade. The growing could possibly continue much longer. One week following the injection lipolysis procedure it is actually practical to begin with care  the workout.  At a minimum two liters of drinking water each and every day is extremely advisable in the stage just after the operation and to take an adequate amount of  vitamin products, nutrients and antioxidants. This would work towards the burning of unwanted fat out of your body system.

injection lipolysis

The result of injection Lipolysis

Immediately after injection Lipolysis, the excessive fat inside the medicated parts should begin to slowly and gradually reduce and is normally excreted from the body system. Lipolysis provides the awesome edge that the excessive fat is taken off  smoothly.

The ultimate outcome of injection lipolysis is usually considered following two months. In an effort to enjoy the most effective benefit, it’s  normally appropriate to do one to two therapies at eight-week time periods. The effect is
long-lasting in the event the person contains his existing body-weight. In the instance of major rise in body-weight the medicated parts can easily get back in their size. Lipolysis is not going to have the desired outcome in a minor set of men and women (approximately 5%). The consequences may well count on the blood supply together with the arrangement of the excessive fat tissues.

Injection lipolysis is suitable procedure primarily for elimination of minor double chin and for betterment of curves of lower jaw, but probably for any specific other area of entire body. In case that that you possess average body weight and minor excessive fat build up which you are not able to  eliminate by working out, injection lipolysis is actually a fine way to eliminate this volume.